Busy Board for Children

by Polkilo
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5 Hours

Hello, dear friends!

My friends have a son. He is one year old. I decided to make a busy board for his birthday party. He can play with this board. There is a lot of things that parents do not allow to use in regular life. Such as switches, sockets and many others. This is very well develops fine motor skills in children's hands.

All necessary things you can find in supermarkets. I order in aliexpress paper for drawing crayons. Also you need old phone with disk number. You can place everything as you like. Or you can do like in my example.

I take a board. 100cm x 40cm. I sanded it with sandpaper. the Board should be smooth so that the child does not get hurt

then I coated it with mineral oil.

and then fasten our parts. first, think of how everything will be located on your Board. and then start collecting

glue the film

it can be drawn with crayons

my daughter is 5 years old, but she was also interested in playing with such a Board. And she helped me a lot at work)

Here is a wonderful toy you can make with your own hands. your child will be delighted

I think he liked it. :)

And I made this Board for some other friends. It's bigger. 120cm by 50cm.

My tutorial how to do a busy board 

Thanks for watching!

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Suggested materials:
  • Wood board   (supermarket)
  • Disk phone   (supermarket)
  • Film for drawwing   (aliexpress)
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  • Flipturn Flipturn on Aug 19, 2019

    As more of our daily life becomes computerized and digital, it is still important for children to have opportunities to develop their fine motor and tactile skills.

    Your busy board creation is unique and educational. Well done!

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Sep 02, 2019

    I'd like to have a go at the Board myself, and I'm a lot older than age 5!