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On one of my many trips to the car boot sale I picked up this SLR camera. The seller told me it was not working but I thought i could make something from it.

I had seen cameras made into lamps on Pinterest so thought I would have a go at it.

My plan was to replace the lens with a bulb holder. I found a black plastic one online and to my amazement it looked like it would fitted almost perfectly.

To get the bulb holder to fit in I had to remove the mirror. As the camera was already broken I could just brake the components out.

The inside of the camera body was made from aluminium. I used a drill to remove most of the metal. 

I could then use a file to remove the rest and clean up any sharp edges. 

I sourced all black components for the lamp. 

As the bulb holder I was using was plastic I could use two core wire. I stripped the wires and then connected the bulb holder. 

Cameras need to be sealed units so no light can get in. This meant I had no place to run the power cord. So I drilled a hole through the back for it to run through. 

The bulb holder was a nice tight fit in the aperture so I just used some CA glue to hold it in place after I ran the cable through the back.

When the glue dried I could finish the wiring. I installed a inline switch then the plug. 

I got a nice Edison style bulb for the lamp and then it was done. It can be placed on a desk or a self or by using the tripod it can be a floor lamp.

For more information please watch my video and subscribe to by YouTube cannel for a new project every week. 

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  • Birdz of a Feather Birdz of a Feather on Mar 30, 2017
    Great project! Where did you find the bulb holder? What are the other two pieces pictured to the left of it?

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  • Fro10116259 Fro10116259 on May 01, 2017
    It's an amazing lamp!! I saw some like it at a craft fair & they wanted almost $200 for them, so to make one would be awesome :) And, whether it was a working camera or not, if you want to turn it into a lamp, then that's up to you despite what some people think. I would love to have a lamp like this--now to find an old camera! Thank you for showing us how to do this.

  • Susan Susan on Jul 02, 2019

    I think this is awesome, and I am a photographer. One piece of advice to people buying old cameras, some are steel, do might not be so easy to work with.