Carpet (rug) From and Old T-shirts

2 Materials
4 Hours
Don't throw away Your old and destroyed clothes, recylce them into carpet or napkin.

First You need to create the frame.
Size of frame depends of what You want to do. If You want napkin - You need smal frame, if You want small carpet for bathroom (as in my case), You need at least 1x0,4 meter (3,28x1,31 feet) frame.

Take string, attach to first screw on frame and stretch to the screw on the opposite side of the frame. Do it until there will be no free screws.

What is needed ?
Old t-shirts (more is better).
4 pieces of wood and some screws

First You need to create material for weaving from old t-shirts. To do that You can either cut the t-shirts into stripes using scissors, or tear them in Your hands. I recommend second solution. Why ? Because it is easier to tear than to cut and tearing will create smoother stripes without raw edges.

Then You can start weaving. Take one stripe and put it between strings in the loom in such order: over string, under string, over string, under.. etc. If You end with one stripe, take another one and start all over, but in different order than previous one..

That's all - You have made Your's new carpet:)
Suggested materials:
  • Old t-shirts   (from the closet)
  • String   (shop)
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  • Susan Susan on May 20, 2017
    how do you secure the ends when removing from screws.

  • Gail Tinsley Gail Tinsley on May 20, 2017
    How far apart are the screws? I made a t-shirt quilt for my grandson so some of my pieces are shorter, can they be sewn or tied together? Do you stretch the pieces before you weave them? What kind of string do you recommend? Sorry, I have wanted to do this for awhile and just didn't know how to start! Thank you!

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