Cat Mishap Gives Lamp a New Look

by Julie
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My cat Roxie is highly active and very rambunctious. When she moved in, shelf items moved into boxes and stored. (Still are, almost a year and a half later). One of the items Roxie knocked over, was a tiny lamp with a glass shade. The shade was cracked and had to be tossed out. The lamp fits tiny nightlight bulbs, so I use it at night. (Can't see a finger in front of me without it). It's been awhile since I did this project, but I still have the photos and thought I would share.
Boring lamp with no shade.
Started with a lamp and no shade. Love to shop at Thrift stores, so when I found a cute little lantern that looks like a flying insect and that opened at the bottom AND was also unbreakable, I knew what I wanted it for.
Cute little bug lantern.
My next phase was to start tearing apart this lantern that used a battery operated light.
Beginning of dismantlement
Out pops the little light.
Off with the chain
The lantern has been dismantled and now ready for its new home.
You see those two little screws in the lamp? I saved those after I had taken the shade holder off. Those little screws came in handy to fit this lantern on top.
I attached the lantern to the shade using those two screws. I didn't paint it or anything. I liked the distressed look it already had.
On the dresser where it belongs.
The project was way to easy. When I bought that lantern, I wasn't so sure it would work, but the way the bottom came out, it was hopeful.

Has a nice little glow to it, don't you think? 😁
Suggested materials:
  • Lantern   (Thrift store)
  • Lamp   (Inherited it.)
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