Clay Pot Planter Cute Painting Ideas for Home and Garden Decor

3 Materials
30 Minutes

My today’s craft tutorial is perfect for both your home and garden both. Simple painting ideas are sometimes fun. You can also enjoy crafting with kids during vacations as art activities for kids are interesting. I am sharing a Clay Pot Planter’s cute Painting Ideas for Home and Garden Decor.

You may remember one of my previous glass-painted pot planters which were recycling a cracked mug. Check my today’s blog post of painting this clay pot planter cute painting ideas for home and garden decor, I am sure you will like it.

Clay Pot Planter Cute Painting Ideas for Home and Garden Decor

My brother went to buy some plants for home, there he saw this little planter in heels shape. He whatsapp me to ask if I need it, you can easily guess my answer though “WHY NOT BRO” :) I am always looking for the cute crafty stuff to try new ideas. It’s a handmade clay pot & was cheap too. I got it in 100 pkr which is around one dollar almost.

Craft supplies you will need:

Acrylic/Fabric Paints

Clay Pot Planter

Paint Brushes in two brush sizes

Pencil for drawing motifs

Clay Pot Planter Cute Painting Ideas for Home and Garden Decor

Step 1 – I wash the pot and then painted it with the silver base color. I used fabric pearl paints. After the first coat I waited for 5 minutes and then again I painted the second coat.

For the base of the shoe planter, I use black acrylic paint. Let it dry for 5 more minutes. Acrylics paints dry really quickly and on the clay, they were even quickly drying as the paint absorbs.

I painted some triangle shapes here in the color blue. Different sizes and irregular placement. Then I outline it with pink acrylic paint.

For the one side of the planter, I decided on geometric designs and for the other side, I painted floral. It is a little bit of Truck art painting-inspired flower as well. For the middle of the flower I use yellow paint, then orange and for flower petals, I mix red and pink.

Easy acrylic paintings DIY

I also made some dots in the blue triangles and the lines on the heel area.

And the planter is ready to plant some miniature or succulent plant in it. Oh well, you need to fill it with soil as well.

Is it looking good? This is an Aloe Vera plant that I am going to grow in it. A few of my friends suggested having a mini plant vine in it, which is also a good idea.

This is the final look of my hand-painted planter. Does it look nice? Here is the After image which was a clay pot previously. I hope you will enjoy the before and after transformation of the pot :)

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Have a great day!


Suggested materials:
  • Clay Planter in shoe shape   (Nearby craft store)
  • Acrylic Paints   (Book stationary shop)
  • Paint Brushes   (Book stationary shop)
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