Coastal Twine Vase

by Terry
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I found some really cute little milk style vases at the dollar store and couldn't resist buying a few of them. I had them sitting in wire racks and just wasn't loving the look so I decided to wrap them in twine and create a coastal style vase. These babies are only about 5 inches tall.
The primary supplies I used were green gardening twine and Weldbond glue. I don't like using hot glue on much because I burn my fingers and it looks gloppy so Weldbond is my choice when I don't need something to be flash glued. This project is perfect for Weldbond, which dries clear and very hard.
First, I wrapped the bottom inch or so and the top inch or so in twine. (You would only wrap the bottom inch if you intend to use these individually. If you plan to use three together, you will wrap all three together as I did.)
I "paint" on a thin inch of glue before I start wrapping. I keep the twine tight and pushed closely together, using a toothpick to push rows down or to remove any globs of glue (if you paint thin enough, there are few of these).
Here is a picture of three of the wrapped bottles after I added a single shell to each top and bottom. If you look closely you can see the end of a wrap on the bottle on the right. Next time I will be sure to start and end my wrapping where I plan to put the shell so that doesn't show. Because I knew I would be using these in sets of three, I glued the touching bottoms with Weldbond to keep them together. After that, I wrapped all three together with more twine, gluing on the outside curve where the twine touched the bottle.
On the backs of the unseen sides of the twine wrapping where the bottles don't touch (see my finger), I painted more glue along the wrapping to further firm it up. You can add more shells, some beach glass, or anything you would love to see as your theme to these to make a cute vase for a table. You can also keep them single for a smaller vase too. And they make great gifts !
I use this for real flowers, but here is a picture with some cute little dollar store flowers I used to show what it would look like filled up!
Suggested materials:
  • Weldbond glue   (Craft store, Home Depot, Amazon)
  • Green garden twine   (Home Depot)
  • Dollar store glass milk jar   (Dollar Tree)
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