Concrete Glass Vases

Summaya Barry
by Summaya Barry
3 Materials
15 Minutes

Make these modern concrete glass vases with old empty glass jars & some concrete. Use them as candle holders or flower vases.

Heres a way to upcycle those empty glass jars that you just hate to toss out.

You'll need an empty glass jar any size will do.

Get some cardstock paper half the length of your glass jar and long enough to wrap around the jar.

Wrap the cardstock around the jar

Tape both ends securely with some tape as snug as possible.

It should look like this. Make sure its tightly wrapped around the jar or the wet concrete will leak out.

Mix in some concrete with water and start filling in the empty space between the glass jar and cardstock make sure to tap lightly so there arent any bubbles or gaps in the concrete.

Leave overnight or 24 hours to dry. Once dry remove the cardstock and clean up any mess around the jar.

You can use them indoors or outdoors as candle holders or as flower vases.

You can make these in different shapes and sizes.

Suggested materials:
  • Empty glass jar
  • Concrete
  • Cardstock paper
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