Country Ladder Shelf

by Suzette
4 Materials
1 Hour
I don't like to see wood go to waste, so I decided to make 3 tier ladder shelves from aged pallet wood.
I used 4 pieces of aged pallet wood. 2 for the sides and 2 for the shelving and base. I knew I wanted 3 shelves so I measured the wood, divided it by 3, and that determined the width of the ladder. My left over pieces would become the base.
I leaned one board against the wall until I got my desired angle. I marked the board then cut both pieces of wood to make the sides. When adding the shelving, make sure to used a level. Then I added my base pieces.
I also gave it a couple coats of spray clear polyurethane.
Next tried lots of different things on the shelves.
But decided I liked the antique cheese boxes the best.
Here's one I did in a white wash, then patina blue on the vintage hardware I added. Thanks for lookin' :)
Suggested materials:
  • Aged Pallet Wood   (Free behind a store)
  • Level, Saw, Screws
  • Vintage cheese boxes   (Thrift store)
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