Cozy Couch Edition: How to Make a Sofa Arm Tray & Pom Pom Blanket

by MyEye4DIY
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No matter the season it's pretty safe to say that a Cozy Couch situation is something everyone loves! Whether watching a movie, your favorite show or Sports event, we all need to place to rest our food/drinks! And a comfy blanket is the icing on the cake!!
I'm going to show you how to make a Sofa Arm Rest Tray & a fun Pom Pom blanket for all occasions!

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 DIY Pom Pom Throw Blanket *****GIFT IDEA ALERT****
This DIY is super easy and a great Gift idea with the holidays right around the corner. You can use any throw blanket you have at home or an inexpensive one from the store of your choice. You simply make about 10-20 pom pom's and sew them to 2 opposing ends of the blanket. The number of pom-poms is based on your preference of how full you like them.
You will need:
Yarn (I used this super soft yarn)
3 " Pom Pom Maker
Fabric Scissors (Sharper than regular scissors & cut through yarn much better)
Yarn Needle
Throw Blanket
Step 1: Take your pom pom maker and wrap yarn around both sides of the pom pom maker.
Step 2: Following the seam of the pom-pom maker, use your scissors to cut the yarn in complete circle.
Step 3: Cut a 12 inch piece of yarn and wrap it around the circle of the pom pom maker and tie a knot to secure the ball of the pom-pom. Pull the pom-pom maker apart and fluff your pom pom. You may need to use the scissor to cut a few long pieces of yarn to make sure the pom pom is a perfect circle.
Step 4: Lay your blanket out and place pom poms about 6 inches apart. This is a personal preference so make it as full as you like.
Step 5: Take a sewing needle and thread with yarn. Place needle through pom pom and again through the front of the blanket.
Step 6: Tie a knot around the back of blanket to secure.
Step 7: Repeat this step across the blanket until you achieve the fullness desired.
Step 8: Repeat steps 7 & 8 going across the opposing side of the blanket.
Sofa Arm Rest Tray
You will need: Cutting board, Pinewood, Sand Paper, Gorilla Glue & Paint, Tape Measure
These are the supplies if you are going to create a tray completely out of pinewood, no cutting board. 2 pieces of 1x6 pinewood and 1 piece of 1x12 pinewood. Purchased pinewood from local hardware store and had them cut it.
These are the supplies I used for the tray using a cutting board.
1- Cutting board purchased from Homegoods for $5
2 - Pieces of Pinewood from local hardware store
1- piece of sand paper
1- Pen to draw straight line on back of cutting board so I knew where to place the pinewood.
1- bottle of Gorilla glue

Steps One: Measure width of Sofa Arm Rest.

Step 2: Go to local hardware store and have them cut a piece of plywood to those dimensions. OR
Get a cutting board in the shape/size you like that is already finished from a store like Homegoods or Marshalls. They have a large variety. You could also use an old cutting board you already have at home.

Step 3: Use your sand paper to smooth the edges of all wood pieces. You don't want to get any splinters!

Step 4: Lay out wood pieces on a flat surface. Starting with the tray top place in face down on the table, apply generous amount of gorilla glue to right hand side of tray top (but not so much that it will spill over all the sides) and place the side piece directly on top. Make sure it's aligned perfectly and not crooked.
Step 5: Repeat this step to the left side of the tray top.
Step 6: The glue will dry within one minute, however, allow to dry in this position over night to be safe.

Step 7: Paint/decorate as you please. I added non-adhesive contact paper that has a grip to it and glued it onto the tray with a glue gun. You can also stain it, cover with contact paper, stencil it, sky's the limit!

If you are a wood lover you can leave the tray as is with this sleek bamboo finish on top and matching pine wood on the sides.
I like a more modern decor so I added a geometric pattern to the smaller tray.
You are all done! Grab a snack, wrap yourself in your new Pom-Pom Thrown Blanket and Enjoy your new cozy couch area!

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  • Yarn   (Michaels or Amazon)
  • Yarn Needle   (Michaels or Amazon)
  • 3 " Pom Pom Maker   (Michaels or Amazon)
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  • Forestine Jackson Forestine Jackson on Nov 12, 2017
    Great idea! What about spills? How do u clean the one the cloth? I will try it wthout the cloth.

  • Sue Sanders Sue Sanders on Nov 12, 2017
    Janet Torres...was your idea for the extra board for a slopeing arm to keep tray level???

  • Karen O. Karen O. on Nov 13, 2017
    I would have to protect the leather on the arm of my sofa, perhaps with a felt lining - but that would be great for a tablet or laptop. Where does one find a store that will cut wood to such specific specifications for you?

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