Damaged Books Became Photo Frames

Daleen Pieters
by Daleen Pieters
I love books and when they become damaged, I just can't bear throwing them out! So I turn them into photo frames in a few easy steps and a few added touches
The roses are made from egg cartons
Use a craft knife to cut the opening in the cover of the book 1 inch larger all around than the size of the photo. Decide how deep you want the frame to be and glue enough of the first pages together to create the desired depth. Glue those pages to the cover, applying glue to the cover, not to the pages.
Honoring memories
Insert a cutting mat under the glued pages and, using a craft knife again, cut an opening that will slightly overlap the photo and hold it in place. Decorate the book as you wish. I like using cut outs with words that describe the feeling that the photo evokes, or I make roses from egg cartons and stick that on the book frame with hot glue.
This was a damaged Children's Encyclopedia
I used pieces of old leather belts and glued them to the front of most of the books. I glued Velcro to the back of the book and to the end of the belt, so I can fold the belt around the back and keep the books closed tightly, preventing the photos from moving around. It also adds a nice touch. In the case of the Children's Encyclopedia I glued the cut out onto the belt, which gave it a beautiful raised effect. You can also use ribbons to keep the book closed. These will make wonderful gifts. I hope you will try to make one yourself!
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  • Ann Ann on Feb 12, 2016
    This is a great idea!

  • Lori Lori on Feb 12, 2016
    I agree with Ann. What a wonderful momento this could be for someone, a special book and the special person, place, or time. I must remember this.

    • Daleen Pieters Daleen Pieters on Feb 12, 2016
      @Lori, yes, they make wonderful gifts. We gave one as a wedding gift and were surprised at the reaction of the couple. We did not expect them to love it that much!