Decorative Tinted Glass, the Easy Way.

CM Coleman
by CM Coleman
3 Materials
2 Hours
These are pretty decorative containers that you can use to brighten your home. If you use plastic jars they can not be dried in the oven. Glass containers can be but do not have to be. Br creative with colors and thickness of the Mod Podge. Thinner Mod Pdge will give a more sheer effect.
Gather cleaned jars.

Step 1: In a well ventilated area mix Mod Podge and food coloring to desired color. (It will dry slightly "darker" than the color you see)

Step 2: Coat the entire inside of the container. (painting it on or pouring it in and rolling it around will work.)

Step 3: Turn container upside down and let drain over a rack.

Step 4: once drain dry container. Either air dry (that takes a long time, or in a low temp oven in a WELL VENTILATED area, 250 degrees for about 1 hour or until the mod podge is dry. Let cool before touching)

Step 5: These are for decorative purposes only
Suggested materials:
  • Mod Podge   (Joann Fabrics and Crafts)
  • Food coloring   (Amazon)
  • Jars   (Had on hand)
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