Decoupage Bottle Oil Lamps and Vases

Cyndi Dimanno-Valentine
by Cyndi Dimanno-Valentine
Easy project for children. Love decoupaging bottles for vases ,oil lamps, or candles
Supplies: beer bottles, water bottles, napkins, dollar tree, Mod Podge, small brush
Apply Mod Podge to bottles, a little at a time, cut your design out of the napkin, i dont peel off the 2 ply, the design shows better if u dont separate the 2 ply. Carefully place ur napkin on the glue, then brush the nakin with Mod Podge, repeat till u have covered the bottle and ur napkin. Use a light stroke with ur brush, so u dont tear the napkin. Let dry 24 hours. Beer bottles can be used as a vase, oil lamp or candle. I have ordered ceramic wick holders from Amazon, for the bottle lamps.
Water bottle vases
Any surface can be decoupaged. Furniture, wood, glass, etc, etc. Have fun, be creative
Jug was spray painted, then decoupaged. Used as vase of candle
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