Denim Jacket From Drab to Fab

Linn Andreassen Talge
by Linn Andreassen Talge
2 Materials
20 Minutes
I was about to throw out my old denim jacket, thinking someone else might enjoy it since I was bored of it. But then I got a packet from China with random fabric patches, and thought I'd have some fun with them.
This is my old jacket, plain and boring...
I looked through the 100 patches I bought:
...and picked out a few that were fun and matched in colour, and fit the side panel of my jacket:
Since this was a super cheap deal, some of the patches needed some trimming of treads in between the letters, so with a tiny pair of scissors I carefully cut away those treads I didn't want:
I pinned the patches in place so they wouldn't shift when working on the jacket:
I sewed them on, rather than ironing them on, so I can change them out when I want another look:
And I am really happy with the new look, and already planning some outing tomorrow so I can use it!!!
Suggested materials:
  • Fabric patches   (
  • Denim jacket
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