Denim Pouch( Upcycle Denim Stuff Sack)movie

by Rembatb
2 Materials
30 Minutes
Hi, I'm Biji. I recently started a convo with To Work With My Hands. I chose to make a denim pouch with her instructions per this post hope you enjoy.
Full of thoughts like " This won't take long.
I started this project with a pair of denim culottes. Since these are more shorts than pants, I cut to the upper thigh portion.
Straight lines have not been my friend.
I then cleaned up( made sure my cut was sttraight) and continued to follow TWWMH's instructions. I turned the material inside out and hemmed the bottom seam of the leg together. Yes, that is my sewing in the beige.
Then I sewed two button holes( hate to admit this, I forgot how to since I don't sew clothes for my granddaughter now) and then still leaving it inside out and ironing an 1 and 1/4 seam down... I sew down the seam top about a 1/4 inch from the cut edge allowing for it to have an inch of room for rope, ribbon or in my case beads to go through later and cinch up. Yes, I meant to sew over the bottom of buttonholes. I do that for extra sturdiness but only for jeans.
Yes, I meant to sew over bottom of holes.
This is the finished project. I chose the beads at the end of the sewing. My beads needed more room to make it through the tube. I managed and it cinches up but in one tiny area I had a bottleneck. I loosened that area and it works. Always account for last minute changes and always make sure of width of item to be pulled through tubes when sewing especially for projects that cinch. That took 10 minutes to pull through because of that bottleneck.
Roomy on the inside.
I will do this project again. It was fun.
I hope you enjoyed this project with me. Special thanks to Hometalk and To Work With My Hands. So are you ready to give it a try?
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