DIY Baskets From Shipping Boxes

by Sahana
4 Days
There are a lot of cardboard box ideas all around the internet but not many tutorials on how to make fabric liner with divisions so I thought I will share my take on how to make the DIY basket with a compartment. Also, I am challenged myself to use what I have on hand to make two DIY baskets( One as a diaper caddy and one as snacks basket). Because at 38 weeks pregnant, I couldn't craft much and also don't have the mood to go shopping for new supplies. But as a DIYer, I just couldn't simply pass time by watching videos or shows all the time. So, I took a lot of time(almost 4 to 5 days) to finish these baskets. You might find a different combination of supplies used here to make a single basket, that is because of the de-stash challenge that I created for myself to avoid shopping for new craft supplies.
Cut the closing flaps of the box using the utility knife. Use one of the flaps, measure and cut it to the size to fit the center bottom of the box to make it even. 
 Measure the center part of the box (shorter side, i.e refer to the picture) and cut a cardboard piece to fit in the middle as a compartment. Do this in whichever way you want the compartment to be. I planned to use this as a Diaper caddy. So I planned in such a way that I will use one for storing diaper essentials and the other part of the basket for storing my own essentials. I also made one compartment bigger enough to fit the wipes box inside but you can adjust it to suit your need
 Now let's sew the fabric liner. First, measure and cut the two fabric pieces with 1/4" allowance on the top and bottom and 1/2" allowance on the sides for the middle cardboard piece. Sew the top and bottom side with 1/4" seam allowance. Tuen the fabric piece inside out and insert the cardboard piece. 
Measure and cut fabric pieces for the sides of the cardboard box with 1/4" seam allowance for each side and add around 1.5" allowance for the height. For the sides where the compartment pieces to going to be stitched add an extra 1/2" allowance. So for example, if the side measured 7" add 1/2" (1/4" +1/4") for the sides and extra 1/2" (1/4"+1/4") for attaching the compartment pieces. 
Now cut one of the side (longer side) fabric pieces into half or based on the measurement you need to attach the compartment. Sandwich the compartment piece you created in the before step and make a stitch. Repeat the same for the other side. Then attach the other sides. 
To know how I completed the rest of the basket, click here.
This is another type of basket I made with wrapping paper and contact paper. As I said in the intro, I made these two baskets with whatever supplies I had at home. You can take this as an inspiration and give your own spin on these shipping boxes baskets.
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Fra25410315 Fra25410315 on Jul 11, 2017
    on the last example, it looks like you sewed on the handles by machine. How is this possible?

  • Cardinal Cardinal on Jul 11, 2017
    Are those pre-made handles you made or bought?

  • B. Enne B. Enne on Jul 22, 2017
    very pretty
    I'm sorry if I missed something, but is that chenille? At first I thought it was carpeting.

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  • Sas25028369 Sas25028369 on Jul 26, 2017
    Love your boxes! I do something similar using wallpaper that I get at the Habitat ReStore for .50 to a $1 per roll. I have never thought of making handles...will have to try that. Could even use rope handles as well as belts. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Dai28756019 Dai28756019 on Dec 03, 2017
    Omg! Absolutey fabulous. I do a lot of online orderin, needless to say, I have boxes everywhere  . Instead of recycling, I now have many projects to do thanks to your great idea.👍🏼