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Hi guys, today's post is going to be another DIY idea for your home decor
This home decor Item is very simple to make as well as it's affordable. So I hope you'll enjoy this video. from 01:14

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We'll make Home Decor Item - DIY BedSide Tray
That's what you need:
- picture of your choice
- any picture frame
- some paint
- painters tape
- paint brush and sponge
- scissors 
01:14 min is the beginning
1. Remove the glass peace from the frame
2. Tape of the glass
3. Put taped glass peace back into the frame
4. Paint the frame
5. Let it dry
6. Take the peace of paper that was in the frame and lined it up on top of the picture
7. Add some painters tape
8. Cut your picture alone the lines

9. Remove painters tape from the glass
10. Add your picture to the frame

DIY BedSide Tray is Done
Suggested materials:
  • Painters tape   (any store)
  • Paint brush and sponge   (any store)
  • Scissors   (any store)
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