DIY Christmas Candle Holder Craft Using Plastic Spoons

Sonali Tripathi
by Sonali Tripathi
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3 Hours
Lets make this beautiful Christmas Candle holder using plastic spoons and few easily available materials at home. Enhance the beauty and decoration of your house with this charming craft this festive season!
First of all, obtain the things you need to make this candle holder craft. These are - A thick cardboard, Few Plastic Spoons, Acrylic Colors, Brushes, Pencil, Circular shaped candles, Beads, Glue gun and glue sticks.
Take the thick cardboard and draw three circles on it as shown in the image. Carefully cut the cardboard using scissors to get the shape like this. This will form the base of the craft.
Next, take few plastic spoons and color their heads with acrylic paints as shown in the picture. I have painted them with Green, Yellow and Reds. However you can use any color of your choice.
Now, cut the spoon heads as shown.
With the help of glue gun paste the spoon heads on the thick cardboard base and shown in the picture. The spoon heads will look like petals. It will look like three flowers arranged side-by-side. This will be your first layer of petals.
Paste next layer of petals inside the first layer.
You can decorate the petals by pasting the beads on it as shown.
Place the circular shaped wax candles at the center of this plastic craft.

Voila! Your beautiful DIY Christmas Candle Holder craft is ready.

Decorate your home with this craft and win praises and applause for your creativity this season. Happy Crafting!
If you are more comfortable watching a video than reading through text and step-by-step instructions, here is the video of this craft to guide you visually. Cheers!
Suggested materials:
  • Plastic Spoons   (Stationary Shop)
  • Thick Cardboard   (Stationary Shop)
  • Acrylic Colors   (Stationary Shop)
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    What kind of glue did you use,

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    How do I like this work

  • Anna Anna on Sep 07, 2022

    Very clever use of plastic spoons! It looks like you used a roll of masking tape as a guide to making the three circles. Would that make the three circles ABOUT 3 inches?? I love this project and plan to make a couple. I think I will paint each circle in the color I decide to use for the "spoons".

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