The Easiest Decorative and Throw Pillow Tutorial ever and Giveaway!

Melissa Aldana
by Melissa Aldana
30 Minutes
The easiest decorative and throw pillow tutorial ever! I have always been intimidating by sewing. My mother made most of my clothes when I was a child. I was mesmerized by the whirling machine and how easily she used it. I was determined to have some beautiful handmade pillows and pillow covers in my shop beachy shop. So I did my research and discovered this super simply way to make pillows.
First of all pick out a wonderful material, that is pretty easy. I had some trouble controlling myself at Joann’s Fabric, but I finally selected 3 beautiful fabrics.

You cut one length of fabric to fit your pillow. I cut my length with an extra 9 inches in the length. The finished pillow will overlap in the back. That is where the pillow will be inserted. Do not cut your length too much over 9 inches. Your finished pillow will be very hard to insert if the fabric overlaps too much (I know I have done that).
Measure twice, cut once. Pin your edges, and sew. That’s it! It was an amazing experience for me to turn my pillow inside out in place the insert inside, gorgeous pillow. Easy peasy!
The end result!
Would you like one of these pillows covers? I hope so because I am having a giveaway will my fellow shop owner Laura from Country Spring Woods. She is giving away her gorgeous signs. If you ask her nicely maybe she will tell you about her marvelous techniques. I recently bought a custom sign from her.
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