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The days have been so gorgeous lately! We haven’t been encumbered by triple digit temps. Yay!! Glorious sunny days that beg to be played outside in…that means crafting and playing with kiddos instead of being locked up with the AC.
Here is a sweet little project that brought some magic into my sweet little Evangeline’s eyes. I think there is something so precious when my kids get to craft something out of simple raw materials. There is most definitely a bit of magic in it!
Photo Cred: Anya McInroy
  • 2 thin craft dowels (from local craft store)
  • 1 yd of fabric 
  • razor blade
  • hot glue gun
  • ball of string
  • a thick stick or bamboo dowel
Start by GENTLY scoring a groove or slice into each end of your two dowels. Now, create a slip knot and slid it toward the 1/3 mark on one of the dowels.  This is going to be the main spine of your kite.
Then tighten your knot down and cross your first dowel with the second.  Now, it is just about wrapping the string around many times to connect the two together.  I simply did a cross over, wrap around type of thing and then tied it off.  But don’t cut off the end of string that is attached to the ball of string still.
Take the end that is still attached to the ball of string and pull it down the length of one of the dowels.  Slip it through the groove you made at the end of the dowel previously and then drag it down to the next end and slip it through that groove.  Do this all the way around until you have finished making the “frame” of your kite.
When you have come full circle (or more to the point, full diamond), drag the string back toward the center point so that you can tie it to the other end of the string.  Now you can cut the string free from the ball!
Simply lay the frame down on your fabric and cut the fabric about an inch larger than your frame all the way around.
Using your hot glue gun, fold the fabric over the frame and glue into place.  Cut any excess fabric after it is all attached.
Now it is time to play with string once again.  Attach string to the ends by tightly wrapping it around the end of each dowel and tying off….making sure to leave a nice long end at each corner.  Now, tie your ball of string to the center joint.  Pull the string up about 10-12 inches and then pull all for long tails from your four corners together with this bit of string.  Tie them together, essentially connecting all four points of your kite to the center string.  DO NOT cut that center string.  It is going to stay attached to your ball of string so you have enough length of string to make this cutie fly high.
The last step is a bit of decoration.  Every kite needs a tail!
To keep things easy for Evangeline to handle, we whipped our length of string around a piece of bamboo.  It made an easy handle for her to hold onto.
A windy day and lots of giggles!  I think I laughed the most, but we got her flying!!
Cheers to this kids craft and lots of giggles!
Suggested materials:
  • 2 thin craft dowels   (Craft Store)
  • 1 yd of fabric
  • Razor blade
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