DIY Feather String Art

Chandra | #Blessed
by Chandra | #Blessed
I've always been a fan of string art & feathers, so it was pretty much a no brainer to try and combine the two eventually!
I used a 2/4″ finishing nail with a broader head so that the string couldn’t slip off the top. I spaced the nails just over 3/8″ all the way around the template. Once I had the border done, I removed the template and did the ‘vein’ down the centre spacing the nails at the same distance.
I started at the bottom and tied a knot around the bottom most nail. From there I just wrapped the string taut around the nails of the stem until I reached the base of the feather. I brought the string to the centre vein and went up on either side in a V pattern, always coming back to the centre. When I reached the top of the feather I went down the side to create a border, wrapping the string around every second and third nail head until I reached the top of the feather from the other side. From there I went down the centre vein until I got to my starting point at the bottom most nail. I cut the string giving me enough give to tie a knot to finish up and knotted the string around the same nail I started on. I cut the excess and then used a bead of crazy glue to keep the knot from coming undone or fraying.
I ended up using Velcro command strips to hang it & they've been working out really great!
Check out the blog to see how I got that great looking piece of board and for more details!
Chandra | #Blessed
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