DIY Hanging Lantern Part 2

Katie Bookser
by Katie Bookser
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Earlier this month, I posted a macrame style hanging lantern tutorial and it got a great response. I originally made two styles of lanterns and received a lot of requests to share a tutorial for the second lantern. As promised, here it is!
You can find the tutorial for this lantern in the video above (the second half of the video) or as always, keep reading for step by step instructions!
Tie a piece of twine around your jar. Double knot it and snip the ends with some scissors.
Measure the height of the jar and multiply that number by 10. Cut 6 pieces of twine at this length. For example, mine was 6 inches tall so I cut 6 pieces of twine, each 60 inches long.
Fold one of these pieces in half and slide the loop under the twine that you tied around your jar. Bring the ends up and pull them through into a loose knot. Repeat this step with all 6 pieces of twine, spacing them evenly around the jar.
Once you've spaced the knots evenly, tighten them the rest of the way.
Choose 2 knots and grab the 2 pieces of string that rest between them. Loop those 2 pieces of string around themselves to form a knot. Repeat this process all the way around the jar.
Once you've tied knots all the way around the jar, repeat this process starting another level of knots below the first. Continue doing this as far down the jar as you like.
Flip the jar upside down and make a big knot with all of the loose ends.
This step is optional, but I added a copper coupling that I had leftover from another project. It would also be pretty to add a wooden bead here or any other type of colorful beads. Tie another knot below it to keep it from sliding off.
Slide some copper wire (or more string) under the top piece of twine. Bend it up into a U shape and twist it around itself.
Bring the wire over to the other side, forming a handle shape. Use wire cutters to cut it, leaving a few inches to work with. Once again, slide it under the top piece of twine and twist it around itself. Snip the excess. Add a candle (real or battery operated) hang it up and enjoy your newest creation! If you like this project and want to see more, check out my YouTube channel by clicking here or visit my website:
Suggested materials:
  • Glass Jar
  • Twine
  • Copper Coupling
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Katie Bookser
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  • Jessica Serrano-Gregg Jessica Serrano-Gregg on Apr 26, 2018

    The string lights in the picture? Where did you get those? Or did you make them? They look like gold filigree? Lol thanks!

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  • Katie Bookser Katie Bookser on Aug 25, 2017
    It's so true! There are endless possibilities and definitely good for all ages.

  • Jessica Serrano-Gregg Jessica Serrano-Gregg on Apr 26, 2018

    Best explanation I’ve even read to create the macrame type knotted look! I could never really grasp it until I read your tutorial and saw your pictures! I can do this now! Perfect for the nautical look im

    going for around my pool area. I have these cute string lights with mini plastic mason jars that I painted but they’re still boring lol.. this is just the thing I need to add using matching colors of thread or twine, even cute ribbon would look amazing for indoor fairy lights! Nice tutorial and thanks for sharing!!