DIY Magnetic Hanging Photo Frame

Rachel Metz
by Rachel Metz
4 Materials
20 Minutes
Here is a modern way to hang whatever artwork of photo you’d like for under $10. Urban Outfitters sells this anywhere ranging from $19-$29 …don’t fall for it. Make it for less!
Materials you'll need are four pieces of wood the width of your picture you want to hang, magnets, gorilla glue and strong yarn or string.
Step 1: Keep your sticky back magnets attached to one another and set them on two pieces of wood. You'll put three magnets on each - ends and middle.
Step 2: On the ends of the top piece of your photo hanging, put some Gorilla glue, put one piece of the string down and push the magnet on it once you peal the sticky off. Repeat that to the other end with the other end of the string. This is for your top piece only since it'll be hanging. For the other magnets on the other piece, just peal, glue and place!
Step 3: Since the magnets are attached, you'll peal the white protective piece off and add a dab of Gorilla glue to each.
Step 4: Take the other two pieces of wood that do not have magnets and place them on top and let dry!
This is what it should look like by now!
You can pull apart these pieces and place your art in.
Very easy to change out as well!
Suggested materials:
  • 4 wooden pieces the width you desire   (Hardware store)
  • Gorilla glue   (Hardware store)
  • Magnets that have sticky backs   (Orchard Hardware Store)
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