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Anna Bannister
by Anna Bannister
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Who would of ever thought of covering a Globe with Moss? This girl. That's who. :) We do a variety of shows, in addition to having our items in Vintage stores and Boutiques in the Kansas City area. We wanted to a Drama piece for our shows. This project far exceeded our expectations.
Globe projects are very popular right now. The hardest part of this project might actually be finding a Globe. (Call your friends. Ask your Grandma. Shop at our local antique or thrift stores.) It doesn't matter the condition of the Globe, since you'll be covering it with a sheet of moss and hot glue.

You'll also need a Sheet of Moss, Scissors, a Hot Glue Gun, Glue and something to press the moss into the glue. We used a Wooden Spoon.
You'll first want to get a rough measurement of the moss to make sure it will cover your globe.
You'll also want to cut the long edges of the moss every 2-3 inches on both sides. This will help once you try to close up the top and bottom.
Plug in your glue gun and get ready for the fun. To see our tips and tricks to finish this project, visit our DIY blog listed below.
Suggested materials:
  • Moss   (Craft Store)
  • Hot Glue Gun   (Craft Store)
  • Globe
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