DIY Pineapple Coasters

Mila Myk
by Mila Myk
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DIY Pineapple Coasters – easy to make craft for fruit lovers.
How to embellish your plain cork coasters with cute pineapple images and how to correctly paint cork coasters (step by step tutorial with pictures).
– plain cork coasters
– self adhesive white labels
– carpet knife/Cricut machine/ small sharp scissors
– sharpie/pencil
– small brush
– acrylic paints
– glass container with water
– plastic container
– painters tape (optional)
– spray matte sealer
Google ‘pineapple drawing’. Choose one small image. Carefully put your white label against the screen and outline pineapple shape. Be delicate and mind your screen!
Cut out pineapple shapes from the sticker. The most hassle free method is Cricut machine, but you can use sharp carpet knife as well. Small scissors may come in handy too.
I used both cutouts as stencils.
Try different patterns (pineapples in a row, upside-down, willy-nilly) and choose a pattern that suit you best. Stick adhesive labels to the cork surface as precisely and evenly as possible.
Use plastic container to mix and match paint colors and fill in label-free areas using acrylic paints. Fill glass container with water and dip brush into it between switching colors. Always let brush dry before dipping into paint again. Use one coat of paint, let it dry and repeat if necessary.
You can use painters tape and add stripes or create geometric shapes around pineapples.
You can finish it off using spray matte sealer/clear coat. That will make coasters hot & moist resistant (it’s optional though). Happy Crafting 
Suggested materials:
  • Plain cork coasters   (dollar store/ online)
  • Self adhesive white labels   (online)
  • Carpet knife/Cricut machine/ small sharp scissors   (hardware store/ online)
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