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If you have a lot of plastic bags laying around and you think someday you might need them, we can help you to organize them in a beautiful DIY bag storage. This tutorial will show how to make a handmade candy-shaped plastic bag holder!

We’ll need:
  • sky-blue poplin;
  • used paper towel rolls;
  • thin beige satin ribbon.

Mark the plastic bag roll size and a bit extra space on the cardboard roll.

Cut out the excess using a craft knife.

Place the cardboard roll on the fabric to see how much we need for the basic detail.
Cut out the excess.

Cut out a 4 inch strip across the fabric edge.

The length of the strips is twice as much as the length of the basic detail and cut it in half.

Trim the edges and fray check.

Add some hot glue to the top of the cardboard roll.
Attach the strip, leave the fabric edge upside and fold the strip end inside and glue.
Repeat for the other side of the roll.

Fold the basic detail across the edge and smooth the crease.
Add hot glue to the roll across the fabric strip edge.
Attach the basic detail to the cardboard over the entire surface adding the glue in small portions.
Be careful to pull up the fabric to make it smooth.

Fold the edge of the cloth inside.
Attach carefully.

Stick the ribbon handle to hang the holder.
Mark the needed length and cut out the excess.
Hot glue the other side of the handle.

Conceal the attachment place by sticking the ribbon around the holder.
Cut out the excess, glue the end and attach the ribbon around the bottom of the holder.

It’s time to stuff the candy. Unroll the end of the bag roll.
Put it inside leaving the end of the bag outside.

Take two pieces of the ribbon and fray check the ends.
Tie the candy wrapper, make a bow and check if the bag can be pulled out easily. Tie the same bow on top.

The plastic bag holder is ready. Now your bags will not be at a mess anymore. And still there will be an unusual sky-blue wrapper candy decoration. 

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  • Jamie Jamie on Apr 09, 2017
    Cute but I have to many lol I keep mine in a waste basket for now

  • Mary McDonald Mary McDonald on Dec 01, 2019
    Take any plastic grocery bags you don’t use to the food bank. It helps normalize those who have to take food home and not embarrass them, which when using the food bank, is nobody’s business. Also take your collection of egg cartons to the food bank. They receive large trays of eggs from grocery stores and have to divide them up for the clients.