DIY Realistic Looking Faux Berry Branches

by Jamie
30 Minutes
I love decorating with natural items like flowers and berries, but it isn't always easy or economical to do so. It is possible, though, to transform fake branches of leaves and berries into more realistic looking versions with a few simple steps.
From a distance, you'd never know that this clear glass vase is filled with fake berry branches!
I started by using real branches that I cut from a berry bush outside. All of the leaves were removed leaving just the brown branch.
Then a long berry garland was torn apart and I used the individual pieces to wire onto the empty branch. I left some of the branches that didn't have berries attached just so that it would look like the branches were naturally loosing some leaves.
It is a little bit of an investment up front to buy a realistic garland or leaves, but will be well worth it since you'll be able to use the creation for many years.
Because the actual branches that you see through the vase are real, it tricks your eye into believing the whole branch is real. This is a great project to use with fall leaves that you want to last through the season. You may even want to add some water to the vase!
You just need to make sure that the berries, leaves, or flowers that you choose for this project look as realistic as possible.
It is an incredibly simple project that can be used in so many different ways in your home throughout the year.
I'd love to know what you think of this simple way to transform a fake garland into a something a little more real!
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