DIY Schoolhouse Pendant Light Hack {Budget Friendly!}

Wren Smart
by Wren Smart
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I’ve been obsessed with having schoolhouse pendant lights in my kitchen for a few years now. There are always challenges that come with living in a 1928 farmhouse. Light over the kitchen sink was one of them. Gutting the kitchen and re-wiring would have been the way to go, but new sheet rock and wiring wasn’t in the budget and the thought of living with a kitchen torn up while we did all that was enough to have me looking at other options.
How To:
Gather your supplies…
Using the socket of your light cord as a guide, draw a circle in the center of your canning jar lid.
Place your lid on a piece of scrap wood (protects your work surface) and using your large nail and hammer, punch holes along the circle you just drew until you are able to remove the center leaving a hole for your socket to fit through. Use caution when doing this as the metal edges can be sharp.
Using a pencil, mark 4 holes along the rim of your canning ring equal distance from each other.
Use your drill and a small drill bit to drill screw holes in your canning ring. 
 Unscrew the ring located on the light socket, slip your canning ring over the socket and place the socket through the hole you cut in the metal lid. 
Place the ring back on the socket and tighten till your lid sits snug on the socket.
Using masking or painters tape, cover the light socket opening and then cord a few inches just above the light fixture. Give the fixture a few coats of spray paint. When the paint is good and dry, insert a light bulb (pay attention to the wattage sticker recommendation on your light cord) and your light globe using the small machine screws to hold your globe in place. Be careful not to tighten the screws too much so you don’t crack your globe.
Suggested materials:
  • Schoolhouse light globe   (Home Depot)
  • Ikea Hemma light cord set   (Ikea)
  • Canning jar ring and lid that fits the top of your light globe
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