DIY Summer Room Decor Idea

Troom Troom
by Troom Troom
7 Materials
60 Minutes
Do you like sailing ships? Make you own mini ship to keep it at home.
Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!
Wrap twine around a cork. Add another cork.
Wrap it around. Then join it to the first one. Tie a knot.
We’ve made a little raft.
Take thick yellow paper to make a triangular sail.
The height is about 3 inches.
Use a toothpick as a mast. Fasten between the corks.
The cute tiny ship is ready to sail.
Prepare a big glass container to make the sea. Paint the pebbles blue. To avoid smudging the paint, apply it to the stone lying on the table.
When dry, turn it over and paint the underside.
Place the pebbles in the container.
Decorate it with the twine. Pour in some water.
Now you can set sail the ship and have your own mini vessel decorating your room.

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Suggested materials:
  • Glass container
  • Toothpick
  • Two corks
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  • RC Leach RC Leach on Jun 27, 2017
    In the first photo, how did you get your head/beautiful blue eyes in the fish bowl? (just kidding about the "in the fish bowl" - Not the "beautiful blue eyes" part!) Cute little project!

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  • Da.herrmann Da.herrmann on Jul 19, 2017
    This is such a good idea! Thanks for sharing. I will make one and fold a bank note into a sail. It will make a great birthday present for my brother! A contributing gift for his voyages :o). Thanks!

  • Vianor Vianor on Oct 07, 2019

    Super cool!