Diy Tissue Paper Honeycomb

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Things you'll need
You'll need 24 tissue paper you can use cardpaper or normal paper also any sort of tissue
Glue the tissue paper to a paper so it don't move then make a line across and 4 lines across then mark it A/B/A/B as seen in image
Get your glue gun or pva glue and go along the line of (A) only and apply a tissue paper then go along (B) then add another tissue paper .
Keep doing that a then b then a till your last tissue paper
After laying all 24 tissue paper then cut through the middle across and remove from the paper
Then glue both sides together but make sure if you don't use glue gun and you decided you will use glue then leave it to dry for 4 hours
Then open it up the honey comb thanks for watching and if you find it hard click on the link on top and enjoy xx if you decided to make this thanks
Suggested materials:
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Tissue paper
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