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How to make tissue paper pom poms. In this tutorial we will show you the way of making big tissue paper pom poms. This bright DIY paper pom poms can perfectly embellish kids or adult party!
Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!
Unfold the paper and cut out in half. You can make two pompoms from two tissue paper bundles.
Place the paper of one color on top of the other.
Start folding a short side accordion style making interval between the creases.
Cut out two pieces of wire. Fix the folded detail in the middle with the longer wire piece.
Make a loop. Put your index finger onto the knot, wrap and twist with the wire fixing the loop.
Remove the finger, cut out the excess wire ends.
Wrap the base with the other wire piece making the loop on the other side.
Trim the ends. If the paper layer is too thick, divide it into several parts. You can make either pointy or rounded shapes.
Take a wide ribbon. Cut out not too long.
Make two more pieces of the same length from thin ribbons.
Put the wide piece into the loop. Tie a knot.
Put one thin piece into the same loop and tie a knot. It will be the bottom part of the pompom.
Turn the base over and put the last ribbon for hanging into the second loop.
Tie another knot with a bow a bit higher.
Snip off the wide ribbon making a V-shaped end.
Fray check the ends of the ribbons using a lighter.
Spread the folds. Separate layers carefully pulling away from the center one at a time.
Do the same from the other side. One half is ready.
Turn the pompom over. We should fan out the other half.
Try to press the pompom very gently to avoid crumpling.
We’ve made a bright holiday tissue paper decoration.  Make several pom poms in the same style to embellish a kids or adult party.

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Suggested materials:
  • Tissue paper of two different colors
  • Thin satin ribbons
  • Wire
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