DIY Triangle Peg Board Game (Cracker Barrel Copycat)

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Not long ago I posted a copycat recipe for Cracker Barrel’s Fried Apples. They were glorious. You should definitely go check them out. But not yet. Right now, I want to share a simple DIY project that would make a fun gift (thinking ahead-these are great stocking stuffers) or just a fun addition to your game collection. I can’t seem to find an official name for this game, so I’m calling it the Triangle Peg Game.
DIY Triangle Peg Game
  • scrap lumber (we used a 6×6 that was 3/4″ thick)
  • saw
  • pencil and ruler or graph paper
  • drill with 3/16th” bit (a drill press makes it much easier to keep the holes consistent, but it’s not a requirement)
  • 14 wooden golf tees
Start by cutting your wood into an isosceles triangle (and you thought you’d never use those geometry classes). If you have a nice fancy saw like this one, set it to 33 degrees for each corner. If not, you can use a ruler and marker and cut along the lines. Our triangle was 6″ on each side. You could easily do a 5″ triangle instead. Any smaller than that and you’ll end up with your pegs bumping into each other.
After cutting, use a ruler and pencil to mark off a grid to set where the holes will go. You need one row of five, one row of four, one row of three, one row of two and a final hole on top. You should have a total of fifteen holes marked when you’re done. An easier way to do this would have been to use graph paper or even printed out a template online, but hey, live and learn. This still only took about five minutes to get done to Mr. Perfectionist’s satisfaction.
Use a black marker to show exactly where each hole will go. At this point, you can either drill with a regular handheld drill using the 3/16th bit, or employ a very cool machine called a drill press. Drill each hole 5/8″ deep. When you’re done, blow out the holes to make sure there’s no sawdust inside. That will help the golf tees to slide right in and stand up straight. Fill fourteen of the holes with a tee, leaving one open. Now you’re ready to play!
For the game rules, tricks to beat it, and a peek at those delicious fried apples, click on the link below to my full post! You can also see a quick video of the drill press!
Nicole Burkholder
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