DIY Wall Art (tons of Ideas)

Sissy J
by Sissy J
There are an endless ways to make unique art for your walls even if you don't consider yourself an artist. I have figured out a few, but I'm always trying new things & adding to the list. I'd love to see other people's DIY art too.
Mod Podge newspaper onto a canvas then when dry draw birds & wire with Sharpie.
squirt various colors you would find on land/in the sky on a canvas & then drag the brush back & forth. Add white/yellow/green (bright color highlights) when dry with same technique.
Spray paint a canvas, use painters tape to make various thicknesses & colors of stripes, then, when dry, mod podge letters to make a favorite phrase.
melted crayon art--all you need is a canvas, glue, crayons, & a blow dryer!
tree branch slice art--paint then stick on the slices.
More tree branch slice art
So many more ideas at
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