DIY Wall Decor: Mercury Glass Wall Frames

by Emme
6 Materials
20 Minutes
Hi Lovelies,

It’s Emme here with another quick and easy DIY home decor tutorial for you guys! I created some super attractive mercury glass frames in what seemed like a blink. Please feel free to watch the short video below, or read on to see the simple steps that lead to these decorative masterpieces…, maybe masterpiece is too heavy, but these frames turned out great…you’ll see.

Here are the materials I used.
I started by removing the mounting hardware off of the backs of the frames because once completed, I planned to use Scotch Mounting Tape to put them up on the walls.
Removing the hardware
Next, I took the photo template out of one of the frames and used a pen to trace the template onto a sheet of Stacks Mercury Glass Paper (mercury glass side down).
Templates traced on mercury glass paper
Cut out to the size of frame.
I then simply used my X-acto Knife and scissors to cut out the shapes I drew on the Mercury Glass Paper.
 Lastly I placed the rectangular sheets I cut out back into the frames face down and replaced the backing and—VOILA!
I repeated the same steps with several other frames and my project was complete. 
Completed frames in different metallic shades
It took me a while to decide where to hang the frames, so, I displayed them on my piano for a while.
The frames later found a home with a flower collage from a former DIY project. I used a single piece of scotch mounting tape to stick the frames to the wall. It was a quick and easy way to get them up but, I will warn you, the tape can peel the paint off your wall if you’re not careful. I would highly recommend another method of displaying the frames if you’re a renter or if you’re not a completely lazy DIYer like me! ;-)

Ta-Da! Here is the finished look!
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Suggested materials:
  • Ruler
  • Stack Mercury Glass Paper
  • Frames (12)
See all materials
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  • Marlena Goings Marlena Goings on Sep 02, 2017
    there are some frames that have rounds designs in them, how were they created? Or are they purchased items? They are very unique looking

  • Irene morgan Irene morgan on Sep 02, 2017
    where do you find mercury glass paper?

  • Sandy Sandy on Sep 02, 2017
    Hi! Great project idea! I was wondering, where did you purchase the mercury paper??
    Thank you!

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  • Mag Mag on Sep 02, 2017
    They are beautiful. We all know how to expensive mirrors can be. Love your idea.

    • Emme Emme on Oct 07, 2017
      Thank you sweetie! Yes mirrors are ridiculously expansive.

  • Sue A Sue A on Sep 03, 2017
    Amazing impact for so little cost and effort--which I'm all about!!! ;)

    • Emme Emme on Oct 07, 2017
      I know right?! I was really please with the outcome.