DIY Wall Hanging

Rachel Metz
by Rachel Metz
4 Materials
45 Minutes
I love DIY wall hangings because you don't need any crazy technique to create something beautiful! It's much easier than you think. Full video tutorial with two other options is down below!
Gather your materials: yarn in whatever thickness and color you want, a skinny wooden rod, scissors and hot glue. I use twine to create the hanger for this wall hanging.
Cut your yarn whatever length you like when you fold it in half.
Grab your rod, fold your piece of yarn in half to find the middle and loop it over the rod.
Once you pull it over the rod, take the two end pieces and feed it through.
Pull it tight and repeat this step until you fill the entire rod!
Alternate with other colors to create a pattern or leave it one color. Using different thicknesses will bring more texture to it. I used various thicknesses but wish I went thicker!
To create where it can hang off of, add a dab of hot glue to each end.
Connect a single piece of whatever yarn, twine, ribbon or whatever end's to each side.
I wanted to add more texture so I decided to braid some of the yarn together.
When I stepped back, I wanted to give it a haircut so I cut the yarn to make it come to a point. Don't feel the need to trim it but if you do decide, work slow and step back and look at it a lot to ensure you're cutting it the way you are thinking. I screwed mine up by not stepping back and checking.
The possibilities are endless and how simple!?
Be sure to check out the full video tutorial where I show you how to use that same technique but a different execution. Follow me on Instagram for behind the scenes and more of these DIY's! Want to DIY with me? Come to my workshop in Studio City, CA July 29th - you can purchase your tickets here!
Suggested materials:
  • Yarn   (Local craft store)
  • Scissors   (Around your house)
  • Wooden dowel   (I got mine at Michael's!)
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  • Beth Beth on Oct 21, 2018

    O M G! Just an hour ago, I was in a coffee shop with my husband having - guess what! COFFEE! and I said that I wanted a $120 wall hanging from Pier One, but didn't want to spend that kind of money on it. (He agreed -- big surprise there!) Then I come home, sit down to check out the latest on Hometalk and here you are with your DIY wall hanging! Thanks to you, I CAN DO THIS! Rachel Metz, you are the Betz!

  • Diane Diane on Aug 16, 2019

    I love this and the sky’s the limit on the choice of yarn or twine. This would make a thoughtful handmade gift too. I love this. I’m make one or maybe several!