DIY Wood Bead Garland!

There is nothing I love more than quick and easy DIY decor, so today I am going to show you how I made this DIY Wood Bead Garland in under 10 minutes! Lately, I have been seeing these everywhere and it is the perfect way to add warmth and texture to your space. Basically like a necklace for your house and who doesn’t love a pretty necklace?
Last week we talked about the top design mistakes and how to avoid them, one of those mistakes was failing to layer your decor and this is a perfect example of layering. Let’s say you have a pretty tray with books and a few vases, adding this gorgeous wood bead garland would be the icing on the cake and totally ramp up the style factor of your vignette.
Yes, you can always buy them for around $20-$40 depending on the size but the supplies to make them are pretty cheap and you can customize them however you like. For this project, I paid less than $30.00 and will get several garlands out of my supplies. Also, these make very affordable gifts maybe for a special friend wrapped around a gorgeous candle or as a housewarming gift paired with a pretty tray or vase.
Supplies Needed
20mm Wood Beads
Jute Twine 
Natural Twine (Optional: I bought this one so I could have some with white tassels as wellI have linked to the products used in my original blog post, to be directed to the exact products please visit the original post linked at the bottom of the post.
Step One: Take the twine and wrap it around four fingers, depending on what size tassel you want you could wrap the twine around something larger. Once you have enough wrapped, go around the top of what will be your tassel. When finished cut the twine and tie a knot or several knots to hold it in place by tying it to itself. The extra piece you have can be cut off just make sure you don’t cut the knot.

Step Two: Now it’s time to cut the center of the bottom so it looks like a tassel. Make sure you’re centered before you cut, so the sides come out even.
Step Three: String twine up through the top of your tassel securing in the center of your string. Make sure you let out more string than you need here, you don’t want to run out of twine while adding beads.
Step Four: Run the string through the wood beads, add beads until the desired length is achieved. Also, you will have an extra piece of string here just thread it up through the beads as well.
Step Six: It’s time to make another tassel. Go back to steps one- three. When you are ready to add the last tassel you will run the extra string length up through the beads then tie a small knot like so. This will ensure the second tassel is centered.
Viola! You just made a gorgeous wood bead garland in under ten minutes! Can you believe how easy that was? You can do this project in no time and you will have the perfect addition to any vignette. You can drape them from a tray or wind them around the top of a vase the possibilities are endless. While you’re sitting there you can go ahead and make a few to add to different areas of your home or to have on hand for special friends.
Another amazing perk to this project is you can use premade mini tassels in any color you could dream of and just follow the same method minus the part where you make the tassel and you will have a totally custom wood bead garland that is unique to your space. Do you have a certain place you plan to use your garland? If you would like more decor and DIY goodness delivered straight to your inbox be sure to head over to the blog and sign up for updates!
Also, I have provided the image above for pinning so you can save this tutorial. 
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    Darling but with my luck it would likely be a disaster with my cat around my home. She has a thing about buttons, I don't want to find out if beads would also attract trouble. LOL