DIY Wooden Farmhouse Beaded Garland

Melissa Lopes
by Melissa Lopes
4 Materials
10 Minutes
Easy peasy DIY farmhouse wooden bead garland.
I started this project buy gathering all materials needed. Wooden beads, jute twine, scotch tape, and scissors.
I used two packages of wooden beads I purchased from Michaels. Two packs of these beads made a 35 1/2 in strand.
I used a roll of Jute twine, this can be purchased at any craft store. I cut about 40in of twine to use.
On one end of the twine make a slip knot, this will hold the beads on
Then add a piece of scotch tape to the end, this will allow you to easily slide the beads on
Slide beads on one by one
Make sure you don't make your beads to tight. You will need them loosely stringed so they will be wrap able.
Once you are done stringing the beads tie a knot to secure the other end.
Clip any loose strings
Use them to wrap around vases or hang over items
They can be adjusted to your liking on your items. You can also add lace, ribbon, tassels etc. to the ends.
Suggested materials:
  • Art Mind wooden beads   (Micheal's Craft Store)
  • Jute Twine   (Micheal's Craft Store)
  • Scotch Tape   (Any Store)
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