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We find old wooden windows everywhere! Ever wonder what to make with them? Here are my top 6 ideas to repurpose and recycle them! All winners!
Of course the most rare and sought after window is the 6 pane one. Find one of these and go buy a lotto ticket. If you see one, snatch it up! Because if
you don't, someone else will! Where the window is broken out or not, no biggie! In that case, I pull out my handy dandy chicken wire roll!
Attach it to the back of your window! Just cut it to size with some wire cutters (wear gloves! Ask me how I know!). Use a stapler to make it connect!
So easy!
And voila! Can you say LOVEEEEEE!

What style wreath would you put on yours? I'm in love currently with the cotton stem ones! Remember, you can always paint your frame too if you want!
Speaking of paint here's my 2nd favorite thing to do......add some chalk-type paint and turn it into a usable chalkboard!
My go to is Junk Monkey Paint! No priming, no stripping, no sanding and it sticks to glass perfectly! I'm using the color called "Green Turtle" here.
Do you see what I added to the top for something extra? Find these wooden embellishments at your local craft store!
Ok, number 3 favorite thing to do with windows is.....turn them into flag décor! Check this out!
All I did was tape off my corner box, and once that dried added stripes with painters tape! I added a rusty star wire bunch to the glass with my glue gun
when I was finished! What do you think?
Number 4.....find a favorite burlap sack...that use to hold potatoes or coffee and staple it to the back from some instant wall décor!
Number 5....if you find a double paned this case, one side of the glass was in tact, the other side broken, turn it into an organizer!
I placed some burlap behind the chicken wire I added (which you could add any of your favorite fabric) and did the chalkboard on the bottom. Just two
coats of the Junk Monkey Paint and done! This color used is called "Sunset Coral".
And last but not least......drum roll please.......add some planks and create a gorgeous farmhouse style focal point! Remember you can find windows of so
many imagine doing this look with a big one! Would you put it over a fire place? I just nailed on enough painted planks to cover the frame
of the window and added a vinyl sticker! You could always stencil something you love on there too!
Are you in love with all these ideas as much as me????? Let me know below! I love to read your comments!

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P.S. If you are worried about lead paint in the super old windows, just pick up a test at the local hardware store or online. If it tests positive, you will either safely want to strip it off OR seal it in! Read lots of great info online about this important topic!
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  • Beth Beth on Jun 09, 2017
    Where do you find vinyl stickers? I looked for them before and can't ever find them. Your windows look great! I think that's going to be my next project.

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