A Great Organization Needed New Members

by Diane
3 Weeks
I volunteer at a senior center. The programs they had for members, I couldn't even believe it. There was something for everyone. The programs were even geared to age appropriate, especially the exercise programs. So why weren't there more members? Why wasn't the active members joining in ? Oh, there was a list printed out in a flyer, but, by the time you got to the end of the flyer, everyone would have trouble retaining everything they read. So this is where my project started. There was an empty wall, and I needed to fill it up with visual information.
Please keep in mind you can make this fit your budget. Choose to use materials you may have on hand. I first bought poster board , construction paper and lettering. It was easier for me to cut the poster board, to size of the words in the title. I covered those pieces with construction paper in different colors and used the letters to spell out the title.
I used twine I already had and made a clothesline that ran the width of the wall.
I also used a clothesline spreader and 2 pulleys, also shown, cotton cord, just to let you know there are other options for clothesline, if you don't have any rope. I wanted it to look like a real clothesline. I even made towels and hung doll clothes up just to mix it up and may help explain what this was. Now, what I wanted to do is make a representation of each program on foam squares. I decorated them with a mix of magazine articles, scrape book decor, some things from my craft leftovers. I used some photo's of the other volunteers..label them as friends. When I finished the square I used clothespins to hang them. It made it easier to update new programs or programs that were no longer available. I also used a label maker to label each square.
These represent...bingo..., holiday parties..., bridge club... and pilates-stretch classes.
These represent...your morning snack...play a game of pool....great trips...canasta club...and yoga classes.
These represent...forever young exercise class...line dancing...zumba...visit our library (people donate books and magazines), and mahjong game club.
These represent..oil painting...tai-Chi..and meditation classes.
Some of the other programs were..What's for lunch...learn a language...discussions (we tried to make this an informative speaker for seniors)..water color painting and arts and crafts.
I tried to get the whole project in one picture, but I'm sure you understand the concept. We also would back up programs with a schedule on a dry erase board.
The idea really had a great reaction, there were always people reading what was on the clothesline. I made sure it was done by the date of our next party. They are usually when the most people come to the center. It did increase membership to programs and to the senior center. I received a nice call from the county office, they wanted to know if they could use my clothesline at their facility. I hope this inspires someone. I know if I had to do it again, I would have the seniors at the center help with it. We could have done a few each day or week, and it truly would have been their "hang out" clothesline. I put $30. As cost, this was my donation to the center and I would gather items every pay day that's why it took 3 weeks.
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  • Pat Ruge Pat Ruge on Aug 09, 2017
    As a senior citizen myself and caretaker for my husband for the last 10 years of his life, I can fully appreciate your contribution to the senior citizen center. Your loving attitude is certainly reflected in every item you post on your "clothesline" with such joy.

  • Diane Diane on Aug 10, 2017
    Thank you, Pat. Volunteering at the senior center has to be one of the most rewarding thing I every did. I made so many friends and gained so much knowledge .