Dog Collar Rescue

Angie Waldner
by Angie Waldner
2 Materials
15 Minutes
My Dog Tierney 's Collar had sharp threads in it, that was scratching his neck. The collar was only a month old, so I made a cover for the collar from the ribbing off my husbands old sweatshirt.
picture # 1 his collar This collar is not rubbing his skin raw ,but his dog tags hitting his chest made his hair thin out on his chest, and the skin got red. This time around.
your finger over the edge of the collar if you feel sharp threads. I think they feel like little needles. It's nylon threads in some of the fabric collars that hurt your dogs.
#3 Cut what you need from the ribbing, off and old sweatshirt slip the collar in it. and stitch it closed. I use my sewing machine. to stitch this. You can also hand stitch it. It won't take long Please don't glue it, I don't think that will work well.
#4 this is what you get . When the cover gets stinky just make a new one. I would not use thick or heavy fabric for this project.
#5 I don't know if you can see but Tierney's chest hair has thinned His skin was also red. We went to the vet for that. What happened this time was that his dog tags were hitting his chest ,in doing so, he lost hair and got the red skin. A new collar cover was made
#6 The tags are stitched to the collar cover so they can't move a lot to hit is chest.
Sorry Tierney moved so I did not get a clear picture of the new collar cover.
Suggested materials:
  • Old sweat shirt band   (home)
  • Or 1 microfiber dish cloth from Dollar Tree.   (Dollar Tree)
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