Doll Beds Made of Cardboard...or Pet Bed!

Eve Moore Kiser
by Eve Moore Kiser
1 Material
2 Hours
When you're challenged to make something from cardboardicon I have five granddaughters two of them still like to play with their baby dolls and stuffed animals... so I'm looking in my craft stash and this is what I come up withicon
One girl loves pink and the other loves blue so with them helping me and learning to craft at the same time it's a win-win situationicon
So we started off by painting the cardboard boxes one blue one pink... then taking paint sticks and gluing them to the side of the smaller box using 2 on each side bed(4 for ea. bed) then I glued to the bigger boxicon
Next we took stuffing out of an old pillow and and made mattresses for the top and bottom...
Once the beds were put together the fun began... I have two small styrofoam rings that I hot glue another paint stick to the back of thr box then made a small slice in the rings and glue the paint stick in the opening id the ring. here's where the fun begins we take fabric pieces and make the bedding one for the bottom bed and one for the top then we glued ribbons and lace and tulle all around to make this cute little princess bed...and the girls loved them ♡♡♡
All finished and the girls just love them ♡♡♡
Suggested materials:
  • Cardboard box / old pillows, hot glue, pink and blue paint, paint sticks, leftover fabric pieces
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