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by Amanda C, Hometalk Team
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I have been on the hunt for a nice new shower curtain, but all the ones that I actually liked were close to $100. I simply couldn't bring myself to pay that much for something so simple so I decided to make my own. Shower curtains are pretty large so I knew buying fabric could also add up so I decided to make one out of a drop cloth. Drop cloths are like a big canvas so I made a design with some tape, painted between the lines and added some grommets and had my own custom curtain.
I honestly love how this turned out. I feel like I can super customize my bathroom now too whenever I want!

-6x9 Drop Cloth

-Craft Paint

-Fabric Medium



-12 Grommets

-Eyelet Tool (optional)
STEP 1: Press your drop cloth to get all of the creases out.
STEP 2: The drop cloth is actually too large for the tub size so you will need to cut off a portion of the fabric. The width of the drop cloth should be fine, but you will need to measure the length of your shower to determine how long you will need your drop cloth to be. Mark out the length on your drop cloth.

Cut the excess fabric away.
STEP 3: You will need to fold over the top of the curtain (the edge you just cut in step 2) and sew it in place. First fold over 1/2" and press a crease in the fabric.

Then fold over another 1 1/2" and crease it in place.

Sew a seam over the fold to create a hemmed edge.
STEP 4: Measure 12 evenly spaced spots out across the top you just sewed and make a cross mark.

Cut a small hole over each of the cross marks you just made.
STEP 5: Install a grommet through each of the holes you just made across the top of your drop cloth.

I used a hemline eyelet tool, but if you don't have one you can use a hammer, a screw bit and pliers as well.
STEP 6: Tape out the design of your choice on your fabric. You can also do a freehand piece if you want.

If you want you can cut out stencils to paint over as well.
STEP 7: Ok so making this tape shape took crazy long, but once I saw the end result I definitely thought it was worth it.

When you are done outlining your design it is time to whip up some fabric paint. Just mix the acrylic paint color of your choice with some fabric medium.

Paint the design on your curtain.
STEP 8: Painting through this takes a LONG time because the canvas soaks up the paint quite a bit, but when you are done let it dry and peel away the tape.

You will want to heat set the paint at this point by either throwing it in the dryer or pressing it with an iron.
Look at all those CLEAN LINES! Tape work totally worth it!
My bathroom is super narrow and I couldn't get a good shot of this beaut once it was hanging, but you get the picture.
You could use this same method with larger grommets to make window curtains as well. Oh so many options.
Suggested materials:
  • Drop Cloth   (Lowe's)
  • Craft Paint   (Michael's)
  • Grommets   (Fabric Store)
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    Do I need to place a plastic liner behind drop cloth shower curtain?

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    So how much did this whole project cost in the end?

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    Couldn’t you just have bought a plain white (or off-white) shower curtain and then do the same thing? Or is there a reason why the canvas was a better option?

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