Easy Burlap Wreath

Carol Becker
by Carol Becker
3 Materials
3 Hours
I wanted to have matching wreaths for the front doors that were simple, clean, and not specific for any given holiday. I decided on some burlap wreaths. For this project I needed 2 wire wreath frames, 3 rolls of burlap wire edged ribbon, and some extra ribbon material for bows. My wire edged wreaths included pipe cleaners but if yours don’t, you may want to buy a few of them too. Honestly, though, I didn’t really use or need them.
Start by trying the ribbon in a knot at one end of the wreath so that it is firmly stuck on there. Next, bunch, gather, and twist your wire edges burlap ribbon through the openings of the wreath frame. I chose a back and forth process with 3 columns of ribbon. I strung it through each column then back the the beginning.
Then you just keep doing that until you have gone around the whole frame. This part takes time but not a lot of focus. Its easy to do while sipping a cocktail and watching a TV show. For two, it took me about 3 hours time. Once you have, tie off another knot and it should look something like this.
Take time to fluff up your ribbon and make sure it’s as full and open as can be. That’s the great thing about having the wire edge ribbon - you can keep shaping it after youve positioned it. Get it just the way that you like. Next, find another kind of ribbon that you like and tie a simple, clean bow. I made 3 pairs of matching bows so that I could change these bows during different months of the year. Attach these bows using the pipe cleaners.
And this is the final product!
Since my front door has two doors, I made two matching wreaths. Here is how they look together in their new spots.
Simple, clean, classic! Having interchangeable bows helps give me more flexibilty and is just fun.
Suggested materials:
  • Wire wreath frames with twist ties attached   (On sale from Hobby Lobby - 20 cents each and 2 wreaths)
  • Burlap wire edged ribbon   (On sale from Hobby Lobby - $2/ roll and 3 rolls for 2 wreaths)
  • Additional ribbon for bows   (Costco - I already owned this but I think a new roll is roughly $10)
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