Easy DIY Ceramic Warmer Succulent Design

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Hello everyone! I wanted to create something simple, but also beautiful. I absolutely love how this turned out, and it takes just a few materials. We're creating a beautiful succulent, vine display using faux succulents, and vines. For this project, we are using a ceramic warmer. I decided this would be perfect to use to display the beautiful succulent, and vines.


--The ceramic fragrance warmer is only being used as the main design piece, we are not using it to warm anything. The candle is battery-operated and is being used as the main design element.

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Materials needed

One fragrance warmer

Purchased at the Dollar Tree

Faux vine

You will need four strands

One faux succulent flower



Hot glue

Battery operated candle

Start by taking your vine, and cutting four strands from the vine. You will want your vines to be a medium length so that they overhang a little on the side of your ceramic warmer.

Next, take your hot glue, and apply the strands onto the top of your warmer.

Be sure to allow your vines to hang over the sides of the warmer.

Once you have completed the previous step, take your gems and add them to the front top section of your warmer. My gems actually had a sticky backing, so I was able to stick them onto the warmer without applying any adhesive.

I did find that applying just a small amount of adhesive to the gems help secure them onto the ceramic warmer better.

Next, take your succulent flower, and add some hot glue on the back side of the flower.

Gently press your succulent flower in the middle on the top section of your warmer on top of your vines.

All that is left is to take your battery-operated candle, and add it to the inside of your warmer.--This is optional, but it does add a nice touch when it is all finished.

This makes such a beautiful addition to your home decor. I hope that you have enjoyed this quick, and easy DIY project.

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Suggested materials:
  • One Ceramic fragrance warmer   (Dollar Tree)
  • One faux succulent flower   (Dollar Tree)
  • Craft gems   (Michaels)
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