Easy to Make Summer Flip Flop Decorations!!

by Jennifer
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2 Hours
A few years ago while my better half was cutting wood for our wood burning stove I saw these sticking out of the pile of wood. My brain instantly went "that is different" and I had to have them! They looked so cool and neat like big feet!icon
Well I had a couple of ideas on what to do with them but never went through with one of them and they just sat in the " must save this but not sure what to do with it" pile! Well a couple of weeks ago when a tutorial challenge on seating came up, the first thing I thought of was the wood "feet"! But that is not what I ended up doing and I'll finish the story while I show you what I did make with these cut off log piecesicon
First thing I did was peal off the bark, most of it was gone anyway.
I sanded the pieces down and put them to the side. I would finish the project later because I was going to a friends place at the beach for dinner. We were sitting outside on the patio and I saw a little sign that said " The Beach is my Happy Place" and it had flip flops on it. A bell went off in my head and I knew what I really wanted to do to the wood pieces! I'm gonna make some Flip Flop Art instead of what I was planning!

The next morning I found some things I could use as straps. An old braided belt and a strap from a broken watch bracelet! Oh this is perfect and why didn't I think of this years ago! I keep those pieces of wood and had several ideas but didn't do them. Why noticon because the project was waiting for me to see that flip flop sign! I have 2 one for her and one for me! I love it when a plan comes togethericon icon !
I used Unicorn SPiT to match my outside colors and hers too of course!
The straps from the broken watch I used for a flip flop look. All I did was look at my own flip flops for direction!
I really watered down the SPiT. Just a little squirt of this stuff goes a long wayicon
I drilled 3 holes for the straps to stick in with a little bit of hot glue and finished!!! That is so cuteicon
After they dried (about an hour) I sprayed them with a 3 clear coats.
This one will be for my friend!
So cool looking!! If someone wants to make this but can't find a natural cut off like these you could always draw out a flip flop on plywood or a wood plank and then cut it out! Super easy stuff here!!

Hmmm, not finished yet. They need something else, a summer saying would work but what do I want it to say ?icon So I asked and I got a lot of great feedback! icon  
I freehand painted the words and attached 2 D-rings to each flip flop for hanging purposes!icon My total time on these would be just a few hours!
This one is mine! I'll put it on the front door or porch area, not sure exactly where yet.
The "Beach Life" is her's . She lives one block from the beach and we walk there all the time! It fits her life and mine fits me! They are so cute! Can't wait to give her this one on her B'Day in a few weeks, she will love iticon !!
Thanks for looking at my Flip Flop Art!!
As always I love all comments and questions!

Suggested materials:
  • Wood   (on hand)
  • Strap material   (on hand)
  • Unicorn SPiT and clear gloss spray paint   (on hand)
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