Easy Way to Turn Outdated Art Into Modern Decor

Melissa Osborne
by Melissa Osborne
3 Materials
2 Hours
I know you've all seen the outdated artwork at thrift stores and our fav, Restore, lately. There's an abundance of it. They'll have a beautiful frame but the canvas will be fruit or outdated scenery that most wouldn't decorate with in a modern decor home. Don't pass it over any longer if its marked down cheap. We have an easy transformation for you!

Join us LIVE on Hometalk on 12/29/17 at 8pm EST to see a live demo of all of these steps in action!
This is a great example of the artwork we're starting with on these projects. That framing is beautiful but the scenery is not going to go with Paula's modern decor. A PAINT POUR is just the answer.
Watch this great tutorial that Paula did with her son Braden showing you a paint pour transformation.
Here's a final shot of the beauty that Paula and Braden created in the video before the resin was applied.
Here's the other from the video before the resin was applied. We'll actually be applying resin to this one LIVE on 12/22/17 so join us if you're curious about resin. We find it easier to add the resin after the paint pour rather than mixing it in to the individual colors.
Here's one more for your inspiration. This one is super glam with hot pinks and gold. Love it! Also created by the super talented Paula Blankenship.
Suggested materials:
  • 3D High Gloss Epoxy Resin   (www.heirloomtraditionspaint.mybigcommerce.com)
  • Left over Heirloom Traditions Chalk Type Paint   (www.heirloomtraditionspaint.mybigcommerce.com)
  • Left over All In One Paint   (www.allinonepaint.com)
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