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Linda kelley
by Linda kelley
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I just noticed that the printouts are no longer available at the site I originally suggested to you. I see different versions of these fairy jars all over the internet. They look so cute hanging in your yard.Unfortunately, Plaid.com no longer has them online. So...........here they are...just copy and paste this link: https://kelleysdiy.com/2016/07/13/fairy-template/
I started the project by cutting out one of the fairies as close to the picture as possible. I found this great mason jar yesterday at Michaels craft store for only $3.00, plus I used my 20% off coupon, so it was a great buy! This is how I started. I covered the inside front of the jar with mod podge with a brush. I then attached the fairy to the front, right side facing out.
After it was dry, I went over it one more time and let dry. I took my glitter and spread it out on a paper. Do this in on a plate or clean paper, so when your done, you can put the unused glitter back in bottle. I started in the back and brushed on the mod podge to the back. I then rolled it in the glitter. I kept going, doing the same until only the front was left to do. I took a smaller brush and applied the mod podge around the fairy, not getting any on her silhouette. If you get some on, just rub off with your finger .
I let it dry. I then sprayed it with Rustoleum Clear Coat Spray. It's a sealer and protect ant.
You will need this on it if you are keeping this outside.I then took some yellow patio paint and painted around the lid.
Then I added some glitter on the paint while it was still wet.
I then put 'Believe' on the jar, a butterfly and flower. I then took a pretty purple flower and put on the front.
You can sit this on a table and leave as is. If you want to hang, there are different ways to do that. I ended up not using the ribbon but it shows easier how I did it. I took a piece about 30 long. I folded it in half as seen below.
The side with the loop, as seen above, I went in 10 and made a knot. I held the knot to the jar letting the loop hang. I separated the other 2 ends, and wrapped tightly around the lid to the other side and made another knot as you can see below.
After you have made a tight knot, pick up the side with the loop.Take the other side with the open ends, and put through the loop. Wrap it around and knot. So now it hangs. I wanted to add the fairy led lights. I have the one with a timer, which is fantastic because I don't have to open the jar every time I want it to light up. It would have been nice if I could have glued the battery pack upside down underneath the lid, but it was too big. So you can either put a led votive inside, or hide the battery pack of the fairy lights behind something. I'm tucking it away in the lattice So in conclusion....Be sure you have enough ink so your pic comes out perfect. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer..Oh...here's at night. These are the lights I used. It is so convenient with the timer. They go on the same time each day/night you set it up to come on.
You can get these at Christmas time or online at Walmart, Amazon, just google it. thank you for looking! The fairy in this post didn't come out that well because I was running out of ink. Have so much fun creating these....great summer activity to do with the kids!
Suggested materials:
  • Larger Mason Jar, Glitter, Patio paint   (Michaels Craft store)
  • Mod Podge, Ribbon, Flower   (Had on hand)
Linda kelley
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  • Ruth Reeves Ruth Reeves on Jun 06, 2016
    Are the fairy lights the plain white lights, or something else entirely?

  • Crystal Rector Crystal Rector on Jun 06, 2016
    Do you think there might be a way to make the light a solar light so it will automatically light up at night?

  • Creativity is Great Creativity is Great on Jun 15, 2016
    I was noticing your lattice work what is between it or behind it a mesh it seems to add to the privacy and I am looking for something like that....

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