Farmhouse Candle Holders

3 Materials
2 Hours

If you are looking for a quick, cheap project that can make a nice gift, this one might be a perfect fit. My wife and I always attempt to get each other anniversary gifts that follow the yearly material rules - 8th anniversary was bronze. Let me tell you, I searched and searched and found nothing I thought she would like in bronze. So, I decided to fake it with some bronze spray paint and materials I found around the house. It's the thought, not what you spend, that counts.... right?

Find scrap wood

The scrap wood I found in my pile really inspired the farmhouse look. I don't recall what I ripped these boards out of, but they were 2" thick and 5 3/4" wide. I loved the natural wear and white, weathered look.

Trace circles and cut to size

The first step was to decide what cans I'd use for the candles and trace the bottoms onto the wood. I decided to use a soup can and a tuna fish can for a little variety. I wasn't sure which I'd like better. Don't pay attention to the ridiculous first attempt at a circle there in marker. I tried to freehand it and slipped. Tracing is a much better idea. Trust me.

Router and cut to size

Next, I used a router out carve out the inside of those circles I'd previously traced on the board. Carving/routering out the depressions about 1/8" deep created a spot to set the cans in the wood. I did not cut each piece of wood to length until after using the router because it was easier to clamp to a solid surface for the routering when it was a longer board.

Drill holes in the can

I drilled several random holes of two different sizes in the soup can. I didn't really operate with any set pattern. The goal was to create holes the light would shine through when the candle inside was lit.

Clean up can

Drilling the holes created some jagged and sharp edges on the can. I used a Dremel tool and grinding wheel to get rid of the sharp edges and clean up the can.

Spray paint

To add that bronze color, which was the inspiration for this entire project, I spray painted the inside and outside of both cans.

Burn in personal touch

Because this was an anniversary gift, I decided to use a wood burner to add our wedding date to one of the two candle holders. I love the idea of this project being customizable with an important date or message.

Add candles and enjoy

We used two to three tea light candles in each holder depending on size. When all was said and done, we preferred the shorter, tuna can version of these candle holders. But, I love how easily you can customize this idea with can size, type of wood and holes in the can.

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Suggested materials:
  • 2x6
  • Spray paint   (Ace Hardware)
  • Metal cans
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