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My son plays the saxophone, keyboard and drums. I created this woven sculpture because he wanted more art to feature in the background of his videos.

I was behind on editing my other videos so he ended up editing the creation process while playing jazz music.

He is 13 Years old and he'd love to hear your feedback on his video editing.

His music channel https://www.youtube.com/c/KingoftheKeyboard/featured

Let us know what you think we should work on next in the comments below.

Watch this video detailing the creation of a woven jazz saxophone player and hear some jazz music at the same time.

The sculpture would not stand on its own so I used a scrap piece of wood for the base.

The (2) 3" drywall screws were plenty to hold the 2 legs in place.

I decided to use a "God's Eye" weaving pattern to create the midsection of the player.

The other end would become the arms and hands for the player.

Next he needed an instrument. I used a coranopia style of weaving to create the saxophone. I used kudzu for the majority of the weaving, while using leftover Copper wire to get it started and simulate the mouthpiece.

Next I attached the saxophone to the player.

He needed a head so I used a round basket weaving technique to create his head. We have several round basket tutorials on our profile if you are interested in how to create on yourself.

The head completed the woven sculpture and provided balance so the piece did not fall over.

He is already playing a tune!

My son enjoyed this artwork and did the editing for my video while creating a custom music track to go along with the tutorial!

Suggested materials:
  • Kudzu
  • 3" Wood screws
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