Faux Ceramic White Cottage Lamp

5 Materials
2 Hours

The ceramic white cottage in farmhouse/boho decor is so much in trend. But its not very pocket friendly. So I decided to DIY the same using very simple materials.

Take a look at my faux ceramic cottage.

Step 1: Draw a template of the cottage on a paper.

Step 2: Take any long cardboard box, place the template on the box and cut the outline.

Step 3: Place the template again on the cottage, and mark and cut the windows.

Step 4: Cut doors and windows on atleast 2 sides of the box

Step 5: Use the flap of the cardboard box and cut the roof of the cottage

Step 6: Attach the roof to the base using glue gun.

Step7: Cover the doors and windows with butter/parchment paper to create a diffused effect.

Step 8: Draw doors and windows with a marker

Step 9: Paint the cottage in white. Give few coats to cover the cardboard design and also to get a smooth finish.

Once everything is dry, give a coat of varnish.

Add LED tea light candle or string lights and see the magic

Chk the link below for a detailed tutorial.

Suggested materials:
  • Cardboard box   (Home)
  • Paint   (stash)
  • Butter/parchment paper   (home)
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