Faux Leather Containers

Sandra L Warren
by Sandra L Warren
4 Materials
1 Hour
I was given these bathroom containers and was not a fan so I decided to give them a face lift. I almost turned them down but I knew that I would come up with something to make them likable,
Before containers. Notice the chipped away fake chrome bases.
I used stuff I had on hand for this transformation. Black spray paint, masking tape, clear coat spray, and brown acrylic,
I used newspaper and masking tape to mask the entire ceramic body and spray painted the chrome look bases and lids with the black spray paint. Then I let it dry.
After the black paint was dry I removed the tape/masking newspaper.
I tore off small pieces of the masking tape and covered the entire ceramic portion of the container and then I covered the masking tape with the brown acrylic paint to give it the leather look.
The deed is done! Not so bad ay?
Suggested materials:
  • Free containers   (given to me)
  • Black spray paint   (Had on hand ( can get anywhere for about $4)
  • Clear coat spray   (Had on hand ( can get at Walmart for about $4))
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